June 28, 2020

WordWeb Pro and Others


Product: WordWeb Pro Dictionary and Thesaurus for Mac OS
Price: $4.99

Product: Chambers Thesaurus
Price: $6.99

Product: Oxford Dictionary of English for Mac OS
Price: $9.99

Product: Terminology for OS X Dictionary | Agile Tortoise
Price: Free

Product: Terminology | Agile Tortoise
Price: $1.99

Product: A.Word.A.Day
Price: Free

Product: ‎Spell Rift on iPhone
Price: $0.99

I love words. Always have.

WordWeb ProWordWeb Pro

I can spend hours leafing through a dictionary. It has the ability to take me to worlds and subjects I am not familiar with, and intrigue me with detail and nuance. I love the hours I spend with dictionaries.

WordWeb Pro CollectionsWordWeb Pro Collections

The default macOS dictionary is not bad but there are times when I need more help than it provides. WordWeb Pro is a solution which provides a dictionary and thesaurus. The good thing about WordWeb is that you can add different dictionaries to it. These are the ones you can add:

  1. The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary for Mac OS
  2. Oxford Dictionary of English for Mac OS
  3. New Oxford American Dictionary for Mac OS
  4. Chambers Dictionary for Mac OS X
  5. Chambers Thesaurus for Mac OS
  6. Collins English Dictionary for Mac OS

WordWeb Pro ODEWordWeb Pro ODE

I grew up with the Oxford Dictionary of English and the Chambers Thesaurus, and am glad to have access to that again.

Terminology for macOSTerminology for macOS

Terminology for OS X Dictionary | Agile Tortoise is a great resource provided for free by the developer behind Drafts. It hooks into the macOS Dictionary app and is better than the standard macOS dictionary. Terminology has an iOS version and I find myself using it on both platforms all the time.

I subscribe to a fair number of newsletters. A.Word.A.Day is one of those newsletters. This newsletter is the one I look forward to every weekday morning.

There is a story about Alexander Haig and words. During his time in the Nixon administration, in an effort to improve himself, he used to learn a word a day and attempt to use it in conversation during the day. The effort was not always successful.

Spell Rift is a word game available both on iPhone and iPad. It is fun to play and it is well designed as all of the ‎Kieffer Bros. Apps on the App Store.

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