June 22, 2016

TermHere Opens a Terminal Window Where You Want It


Product: TermHere on the Mac App Store
Price: Free (Donation of $4.99 requested)

TermHere is an OS Service and Finder extension that does one job and does it perfectly. It lets you open a Terminal window with the directory highlighted in the Finder. You don't have to move around the command line. Select a file/folder in the Finder, press a hotkey and a terminal window opens with the current directory as its focus.

There are a plethora of ways to achieve this:


  • Highlight a folder or file in the Finder and press the toolbar icon
  • Highlight a folder or file in the Finder and press the keyboard command ⌘+⇧+X

Termhere>Contextual MenuTermhere>Contextual Menu

  • Highlight a folder or file in the Finder and right click on it. Choose New Terminal Here.
  • Highlight a folder or file in the Finder and invoke the command from the Services menu.
  • You can open a new terminal window from links or paths written in documents, web pages, emails, and any other place supported by OS X's Services feature.

The preferences for TermHere let you do two things:

Terminal ChoiceTerminal Choice

Use any Terminal you prefer. Click on Browse and choose the Terminal program you want. TermHere works with Terminal and iTerm 2 and iTerm 3. Doesn't work with Cathode and MacTerm.

TermHere PreferenceTermHere Preference

To make it available in the Finder Contextual Menu, click on Preferences.

Terminal ExtensionTerminal Extension

Select the checkbox next to Finder in the TermHere section of Extensions.

TermHere DonationTermHere Donation

TermHere is an useful addition to a Mac users workflow. It is free but you can say thanks for the utility by donating $4.99 to the developer. You get to the donation window by clicking on the About button in the preferences window.

TermHere is recommended heartily.

macosxguru at the gmail thingie.


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