October 25, 2015

Record Smooth HD video using iMovie

(Originally posted on 2014-06-22)

Use iMovie to record smooth HD video.

In iMovie you can record video clips directly within the application. Launch iMovie. Tap on Projects.

Tap on the + Sign at the bottom right corner.

Tap on Movie.

Tap on Create Movie.

Tap on the Camera icon at the bottom of the screen.

See the 1080p/30fps notification at the bottom right corner? Tap on it.

The 1080p/30fps notification changed to 720p/120fps on the iPhone 5s. On the iPhone 5 it might just be 720p/60fps.

Higher frame rate recordings are smoother and more lifelike, capturing more of the motion than lower frame rates. One added benefit of higher frame rate recordings is that it is possible to convert them to slow motion footage without any significant blurring.

You can achieve the same effect through Filmic Pro.

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