October 31, 2016

Quick and Easy Search and Replace With TextSweep


Price: $29.99

TextSweep is an application for searching and replacing text in multiple files.

You select a directory, specify the files you need to be modified, specify the terms to search and replace and make the changes. Importantly, it lets you undo the changes if you want.

It is easy to use and fast.

The product is meant for users who are new to text editors. Most text editors have the ability to do this. Sublime Text 3, BBEdit, & TextMate, all perform the search and replace function across multiple files with a lot more control than TextSweep provides. I guess that is the lure of TextSweep. If you knew GREP and the intricacies of a text editor you would not need this program. This is a good solution for newcomers to the category of text editors.

TextSweep is well-designed, it is fast and elegant. It is an easy to use tool and it has the advantage of undoing the changes in case you make a mistake or change your mind.

I recommend the product for newcomers to the task of text editing.

I was provided a license by the developer to review the product.

macosxguru at the gmail thingie.

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