January 3, 2022

QB 002: HoudahSpot Finds

HoudahSpot IconHoudahSpot Icon

Product: HoudahSpot – Powerful File Search Tool for Mac
Price: $34

HoudahSpot Improves on Spotlight

HoudahSpot windowHoudahSpot window

HoudahSpot is what I use to find files on my computer. It leverages the power of Spotlight to give me a search experience which is fast, efficient and complete. HoudahSpot is feature-rich and designed to be your one-step solution for file search.

This is deep search with a lovely interface which will make the process of searching for the right file both intuitive and comprehensive.

HoudahSpot is well documented. Check out the tips and tricks blog.

Features I am fond of:

  1. Search by both filename and content.
  2. Saved searches.
  3. Ability to exclude folders to narrow the search.
  4. Combining criteria to isolate the files I am looking for.
  5. Quick preview.
  6. Ability to copy and move files from one location to another.

This is good software. Recommended heartily.

macosxguru at the gmail thingie.

QB = Quick Bites

HoudahSpot macOS

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