February 19, 2016

LightPaper Update(1.3) Hits the Spot

I wrote about LightPaper here.

On the whole, I liked the program but I had some suggestions for improvement:

  1. I asked for multiple folder support in the sidebar. LightPaper has those now. You can now add as many folders as you want to the sidebar, and they are completely accessible there.
  2. I observed that Shadow Notes didn't contain the URL of the site I was taking a note on. It has been enabled as a preference. Making Shadow Notes even more useful.
  3. I noted the restricted nature of Quick Open. That is no longer true with the applications support for multiple folders. The fuzzy search has also been improved.
  4. I pointed out that the outline hierarchy would have been more useful if it was available in the editing window instead of the preview window. Now it is. You can move between sections of your document by using the hierarchy and that is convenient.
  5. You can now select your markdown text and copy it as rich formatted text including images. You can also copy it as HTML.
  6. Added an export menu for quick access to exporting and copying features.
  7. In LightPaper Mini, ⌘ + S now saves the scratch or shadow note instead of saving to a file. The function Save to File… is now accessible through the File>Save to File… menu item, or by the keyboard command ⌘ + ⌥ + S.
  8. There are a whole host of other improvements.

Overall, this is a great upgrade to what is an already strong entrant in the markdown editing space.

I heartily recommend LightPaper.

On a personal note, it is gratifying to run across a developer who is interested in consistently improving his/her product, listens to feedback, considers the suggestions and acts on the ones which make sense. Thank you.

macosxguru at the gmail thingie

LightPaper Markdown text editor

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