May 26, 2020

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Kudos Helps Me Collect Information

Product: Kudos a productivity tool for macOS
Price: App Store $4.99

I collect information all day long. Go to a website, find something that I want to archive, convert the information to Markdown and save a file to a folder in my hard drive.

I have been using fym to do this for me. It used to work most of the time, but lately it seems to choke a lot. I went looking for an alternative. Enter Kudos.

Kudos InterfaceKudos Interface

Kudos lets you select some text on a website, hit a keyboard command, and it captures the selected text into Kudos. It has a section where there is a reference the source of the information. This could be an URL, a reference to the file, and the application you captured the information from. You have the ability to save this captured text as a sound file(.aiff), or a .md .pdf, .rtf or a .txt file.

Kudos does a lot more but I am not interested in everything it does. I am interested in saving the document as a markdown file containing the following information:

  1. Source URL of the document.
  2. All the links referenced in the document as Markdown links.

That is what I need. Kudos provides that. It lets me edit the capture. I can put in some metadata, some notes, and some Markdown formatting, if I desire.

Kudos does support the links in Markdown format but it doesn’t do much else by way of Markdown syntax support. No headings, no tables, no bold or italic. Those are things you have to input yourself if you are so inclined.

Kudos does a better job saving content in the .rtf format. But I am not fond of that format. Love text files, so don’t use .rtf at all.

For my needs, Kudos is perfect.

Wish List

These are the things I would like Kudos to add to it’s arsenal:

  1. Extensive support for Markdown syntax. Headings, bold and italic would be a start. Table support would be excellent.
  2. The documentation is improving. But it could do with more examples of use cases.

The developer is a extremely responsive. You can bug him to make changes and he is eager to make the product better.


If you do research on the web, Kudos is a valuable addition to your arsenal of tools.

I recommend it heartily.

macosxguru at the gmail thingie.

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