September 25, 2018

iA Writer Tackles Tags

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Product: iA Writer
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Version 5.0 of iA Writer introduced the ability to handle folders and favorites to the minimal Markdown based text editor. Version 5.1 takes a swing at tags.

Tags are implemented from inside the documents. You type the tag into the document and the program automatically adds it to the tag list or adds the document to an existing tag list if this was a pre-existing tag. Tags are an organizational aid which makes iA Writer powerful.

iA Writer HashtagsiA Writer Hashtags

Folder support made it possible to live in iA Writer with all my documents. Tag support lets me live in iA Writer efficiently.

iA Writer SmartFolder CreationiA Writer SmartFolder Creation

Along with tags has come Smart Folders.

iA Writer SmartFoldersiA Writer SmartFolders

Smart Folders makes it easy to manage a huge collection of notes.

iA Writer GoTo MenuiA Writer GoTo Menu

The new organization is depicted in both the Library sidebar and the Go menu.


iA Writer started out as a simple piece of digital real estate with a pre-set font and a thick blue cursor to tackle your writing needs. It has evolved. It is a feature rich Markdown based writing environment which has the ability to tackle all your writing and file-management needs in one program.

I live in it. I consider the present iteration of iA Writer to be the best Markdown based writing environment available on the macOS.

iA Writer 5.1 is recommended heartily.

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Additional Reading

The folks at iA talk about iA Writer and tags. Write to Organize - iA Writer: The Focused Writing App

iA Writer macOS Markdown

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