June 16, 2021

Hyperkey IconsHyperkey Icons

Hyperkey Enables Keyboard Commands

Product: Hyperkey
Price: $4.99

I used to use Karabiner-Elements, then switched to BetterTouchTool for no good reason.

I have been using the hyper key for a few years. It is ⇧⌃⌥⌘. If you are fond of keyboard commands and you use Alfred or Keyboard Maestro to assign keyboard commands to functions and scripts, you run out of keyboard commands available to you. The Caps Lock key, for me, sits on the keyboard adding little value. Changing it to a Hyper key lets me assign keyboard commands to it and I have a whole slew of available options. The other advantage? Programs don’t use the Hyper key to assign keyboard commands, thus there is less conflict.

When you get used to it, it is difficult to imagine working on a Mac where you do not have access to a Hyper key. You are going to be reliant on your Hyper key if you use it for a while.

Today, I came across a program called Hyperkey It does what its name suggests. Gives you access to a Hyper key.

Setting up Hyperkey

The preferences are self-explanatory.

Hyperkjey PreferencesHyperkjey Preferences

You can assign the Hyper key to your choice of key. You are not restricted to the Caps Lock key. You can choose from a drop-down menu.

Which key is the hyper key?Which key is the hyper key?

I chose the Caps Lock key.

You don’t lose the Caps Lock key. You can enable a quick press on the Caps Lock key to enable Caps Lock. I am not interested in that. Or you can remap it to some other key on the keyboard, you don’t use often.

Where is the Caps Lock key?Where is the Caps Lock key?

You can get the program to launch on a restart and hide the menubar icon.


I have been using Hyperkey for a couple of days and it is working. Does what it is supposed to do, and I get to enjoy having the Hyper key available.

Both Karabiner Elements and BetterTouchTool do a lot more than Hyperkey. But if your needs extend to only the hyper key functionality, it is a better option than the others.

Hyperkey is recommended heartily.

macosxguru at the gmail thingie.

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