June 8, 2016

Don't Break the Chain or Your Streak

Product: Chains - Packages - Package Control.
Price: Free
Product: Streaks
Price: $3.99

Jerry Seinfeld is the originator of this productivity hack.

To become a better comedian, he wrote daily. To motivate himself, he put a large calendar that had a whole year on one page on the wall. Got himself a thick red magic marker and everyday he wrote, he would put a big red X over that day. Soon he had a chain going. The only task left?

"Don't break the chain."

I got reminded of this by an article in Medium, where Broderick Turner talked about writing daily.

I use a plugin for Sublime Text 3 called Chains. It is a calendar for the whole year. You get to mark off the days that you have completed the task that you have set for yourself. Do this for a few days and soon you see the chain emerge. I am using this to help me write every day. The chain is 22 days old.


If you don't use Sublime Text 3, you can get the same help from an iOS app called Streaks. It is well-designed, and lets you track up to six tasks. It has links to the Health app, so, it is more versatile than a Sublime Text 3 plugin.

Both products and the productivity hack are recommended heartily.

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