January 3, 2024

Default Apps 2024



  • macOS: 10.13.6 on iMac and 12.7.2 on MB Air.
    These are the latest systems that can be run on the machines.
  • Mail App: Mailmate
    Mailmate is the ultimate Mail application. My email needs are not extensive, and Mailmate fits the bill.
  • Junk-cleaner: SpamSieve
    SpamSieve keeps me free from spam. It has been on my machine for a long time. It works.
  • Internet Security: Little Snitch
    Lets me know when a program wants to talk to the world outside my computer.
  • Calendar: Apple Calendar
    Apple Calendar is all I need for my calendar.
  • Notes: Obsidian and BBEdit
    I like using Obsidian sometimes, but I am mainly in BBEdit.
  • To-Do: Obsidian
    Obsidian with the Tasks plugin is the solution I have settled on.
  • Cloud File Storage: iCloud and Dropbox
  • Browser: Firefox on the iMac and Safari on the MB Air
  • Text: BBEdit
    This is the editor for all of my text file needs. I wrote about my decision to use this, here.
  • Editing Text: iA Writer
    iA Writer is best tool I have when I am editing something I have written. Love using it.
  • Markdown Preview: Marked 2
    Marked 2 is in charge of my previewing Markdown needs.
  • Word Processing: Nisus Writer Express
    My needs for word processing are limited. I live in text files. Nisus Writer Express does the job when I need a word processor.
  • Book Writing: Scrivener
    Scrivener manages my manuscripts. It is the best program for writing. I don’t use it for everything only because I am not fond of rich text.
  • ScreenWriting: Highland 2
    Highland is a great solution for scripts or even single Markdown documents.
  • Mindmapping: iThoughtsX
    I like iThoughtsX for my mind-mapping needs. I must admit that I like outlines better for thinking than mind-maps. When I need to visualize my thinking, iThoughtsX comes in handy.
  • Outlining: Bike on the Air and TaskPaper on the iMac.
    I am always living in outlines. I use text editors for outlines too. In fact, everything I write seems to start with an outline. When I am looking for a dedicated outlining program Bike on the Air and TaskPaper on the iMac is what I reach for.
  • PDF Files: PDF Expert
    PDF Expert manages my interactions with PDF files.
  • Images: Acorn
    Acorn is enough for my image manipulation needs.
  • Information Manager: EagleFiler
    EagleFiler is where I dump information. Stable, fast, reliable storage of all kinds of documents.
  • E-book Reader: Clearview X, and Kindle
  • Music Player: Pine Player and iTunes or Music
  • Video Player: IINA
  • App Launcher: Alfred
    Alfred is the most important utility on my computer. I use it for a whole host of things.
  • Clipboard Manager: Alfred
  • Text Expansion: Alfred
  • RSS Service: Newsblur
  • RSS App: Reeder
  • Bookmarks: Pinboard
  • Read It Later: Omnivore
  • Password Manager: Enpass
  • Utilities: Hazel, Keyboard Maestro, AppCleaner, Skitch, HoudahSpot, Keka, and a host of others.


OS: 17.2.1

  • Tasks: Clear
  • Text: iA Writer


Thanks to all the developers of the programs I use. They make my life better and I am grateful.

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