November 27, 2016

A List of Keyboard Commands for Caret

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Product: Caret
Price: $15

This is a markdown editor which is growing up. It is a cross-platform offering. I am going to cover the editor in detail in a subsequent post.

I noticed that it is not well documented. That might be a function of the fact that they are adding commands and the product is still in flux when it comes to its feature list. I wanted a list of keyboard commands and I couldn't find one. So, I made one myself.

Keyboard Commands for Caret

Menu Keyboard Command Action
⌘, Preferences
⌘N New
⌘O Open
⌘S Save
⌘⇧S Save As…
⌘Z Undo
⌘⇧Z Redo
⌘X Cut
⌘C Copy
⇧⌘C Copy as Rich Text
⌘V Paste
⌘A Select All
⌘F Find in text
⌘D or ⌃G Select Next
⌃⌘G Select Each
⌘U Unselect Last
⌥↑ Select More
⌥↓ Select Less
⌥⇧↓ Move Line Down
⌥⇧↑ Move Line Up
⌘/ Comment
⌘B Bold
⌘I Italic
⌘K Link
⌘T To File…
⌘E To Recent File…
⌘G To Title…
⌥- To Last Edit
⌘] To Block Start
⌘[ To Block End
⌘+ Font Size +
⌘- Font Size -
⌘0 Font Size Default
⌘; Mode Dark
⌘R or ⌘⇧R Preview
⌃⌘F Enter Full Screen
⌘M Minimize
⌘⇧N New Window
⌘W Close Window
Not in Menus
⌘⇧↵ Insert Line Before
⌘↵ Insert Line After
⌃T Transpose
⌃Space Spellcheck or Context Menu


: Command key
: Option key
: Control key
: Shift key
: Return key
: Down arrow
: Up arrow

Update: This list is current as of version 1.13.1

macosxguru at the gmail thingie

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