June 7, 2018

James Herriot: The Vet from Darrowby, Yorkshire

All Creatures Great and SmallAll Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small (All Creatures Great and Small Book 1) by James Herriot: Kindle Store

All Things Bright and BeautifulAll Things Bright and Beautiful

All Things Bright and Beautiful (All Creatures Great and Small Book 2) by James Herriot: Kindle Store

All Things Wise and WonderfulAll Things Wise and Wonderful

All Things Wise and Wonderful (All Creatures Great and Small Book 3) by James Herriot: Kindle Store

The Lord God Made Them AllThe Lord God Made Them All

The Lord God Made Them All (All Creatures Great and Small Book 4) by James Herriot: Kindle Store

Every Living ThingEvery Living Thing

Every Living Thing (All Creatures Great and Small Book 5) by James Herriot: Kindle Store

James Herriot, a vet who practiced in a town called Thirsk (Darrowby in the books), close to the Yorkshire Dales wrote a series of novels. They dealt with his experiences as a vet in the 1930s-50s.

I was exposed to his books in my late teens. I have gone back to them time and again. Herriot had a wicked sense of humor and the stories are sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. They are also imbued with the frustrations and sadness which are integral to the act of looking over the health of a whole village of animals in a farming community. They transport me to a simpler time. He talks about a profession I have no exposure to, about a world I have no clue about, a time when I did not exist. I enjoy every minute I spend there. Herriot has a lovely way with words. His descriptions of the weather, the countryside, the smells and the people jump out of the pages and fill me with insight and longing. Insight into a world I do not know and longing for a long gone era. I love the books and the milieu they live in.

There is a a TV series from the BBC. I enjoyed that too. The TV series does take liberties from the original stories, they introduce a few extra characters, but it is a beautiful watch. If you love the books, it is worth your time to check it out.

My "mean aunt" introduced me to James Herriot. I thank her for the gift. It has given me a lot of pleasure.

As you can tell, I recommend anything James Herriot wrote heartily.

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June 4, 2018

iA Writer 5.0 Keyboard Commands

iA Writer Light IconiA Writer Light Icon

iA Writer 5.0 has added/changed a few of the keyboard commands. Here is the new list:

Function Command
File Menu
New in iCloud ⌘N
New in Library ⌥⌘N
New in Library in Window ⇧⌘N
Open… ⌘O
Close Window ⇧⌘W
Close Tab ⌘W
Save ⌘S
Save as… ⇧⌘S
Export ⇧⌘E
Print ⌘P
Print Plain Text ⌥⌘P
Page Setup… ⇧⌘P
Edit Menu
Undo Typing ⌘Z
Redo ⇧⌘Z
Cut ⌘X
Copy Formatted ⌥⌘C
Copy HTML ⇧⌘C
Paste ⌘V
Select All ⌘A
Find ⌘F
Find Next ⌘G
Find Previous ⇧⌘G
Find and Replace ⌥⌘F
Search Library ⇧⌘F
Show Spelling and Grammar ⌘:
Check Document Now ⌘;
Format Menu
Headings 1-6 ⌘1-6
Unordered List ⌘L
Unordered Task List ⌥⌘L
Ordered List ⇧⌘L
Ordered Task List ⌥⇧⌘L
Mark Task Complete ⌘.
Blockquote ⌘>
Body ⌘0
Shift Right
Shift Left ⇧⇥
Shift Up ⌥⌘↑
Shift Down ⌥⌘↓
Strong ⌘B
Emphasis ⌘I
Add Link ⌘K
Add Footnote ⌃⌘K
Clear Styles ⌥⌘⌫
View Menu
Day Mode ⌃⌘N
Show Library ⌘E
Hide Organizer ⌥⌘E
Show Preview ⌘R
Reload Preview ⇧⌘R
Text Size Zoom In ⌘+
Text Size Zoom Out ⌘-
Show All Tabs ⇧⌘
Enter Full Screen ⌃⌘F
Focus Menu
Enable/Disable Focus Mode ⌘D
Enable/Disable Syntax Highlight ⇧⌘D
Go Menu
iCloud ⇧⌘I
Quick Search ⇧⌘O
Window Menu
Minimize ⌘M
Zoom ⌃⌥⌘F
Show Previous Tab ⌃⌘⇥
Show Next Tab ⌃⇥
Commands Without Menu Equivalents
Next Sentence ⌥⌘→
Previous Sentence ⌥⌘←
Apple Dictionary ⌃⌘D

Selection Commands

Hold down Shift with any of these to create/extend a selection.
Previous/next word: ⌥← and ⌥→
Start/end of the line: ⌘← and ⌘→ (Also with ⌃)
Start/end of the document: ⌘↑ and ⌘↓ (Also with ⌃)

Focus Commands

Use ⌃⇥ and ⌃⇧⇥ to switch between Organizer, File Browser, and Editor without taking your hands off keyboard.

In the Organizer, you can ⇧-click to select contiguous files or ⌘-Click to select multiple arbitrary files.

Emacs keyboard commands which work in iA Writer

This is a selection of Emacs commands which also work in iA Writer.

Command Behavior
⌃K Deletes from the cursor to the end of the current line
⌃O Inserts a new line after the cursor. The cursor stays in the current line
⌃B Moves the cursor one character to the left
⌃F Moves the cursor one character to the right
⌃N Moves the cursor down one line
⌃P Moves the cursor up one line
⌃E Moves the cursor to the end of the current line. If you use word wrap, the cursor moves to the physical, not the displayed, end of the current line
⌃A Moves the cursor to the beginning of the current line. If you use word wrap, the cursor moves to the physical, not the displayed, beginning of the current line
⌃V Scrolls down within the document

Additions Made Through KeyboardMaestro

There were some menu items which I thought would be improved by adding keyboard commands to them. I used KeyboardMaestro to add them to iA Writer.

Table of ContentsTable of Contents

Additions Made Through KeyboardMaestro
Add Table of Contents ⌃C
Add Page Break ⌃P
Add Horizontal Rule ⌃R
Add Table ⌃T

These are the keyboard commands I know of. If I get to know any more, will add them to the list.

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iA Writer macOS
May 29, 2018

iA Writer 5 Manages Files & Folders

iA Writer IconiA Writer Icon

Product: iA Writer: The Focused Writing App for Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad
App Store: iA Writer
Price: $29.99. Free upgrade from version 4.0

Version 5.0 of iA Writer got released today. I have been testing the beta out for the past couple of months. The application retains its minimalistic ethos and the sparse writing environment enhanced with Focus Mode and Syntax Highlighting. It has added in version 5.0, the ability to manage your files and folders.

Before I go into a discussion of the features, I want to talk about my ideal Markdown based writing environment.

The Ideal Markdown Based Writing Environment

After reading Markdown Editors and Note-Takers | Welcome to Sherwood I have been thinking of my ideal Markdown based writing environment:

  1. Complete support of one of the advanced variants of Markdown. I am not devoted to a particular variant: CommonMark or MultiMarkdown. Support for one of them will do. What does complete support mean? The editor must support at least the following:
    • Table support.
    • Footnote support.
    • Table of Contents
    • ToDo items
  2. Individual text files. I don't trust proprietary databases. I am always scared when I am writing in Ulysses or Bear. They both feature proprietary databases and have been solid performers. I am still scared. Database corruption and the subsequent loss of all my writing scares me. Individual text files gives me peace of mind and the ability to use any editor I want. I would also like to specify an extension for use with Markdown files. I don't want the extension to be standardized to .txt. In my setup, .txt files are handled by Sublime Text 3 and Markdown files (.md) are handled by my Markdown based text editor.
  3. The ability to manage multiple folders and documents like BBEdit or Sublime Text 3. What that means is that I can have individual folders and sub-folders containing text files strewn across my hard drive and I can manage all of them in the Markdown editor.
  4. Editor makes writing Markdown pleasant. Small touches which make the process of writing Markdown easier. I should be able to do things like copy an URL to the clipboard, highlight a word in the editor and press a keyboard command to turn the word into a link. A good table editor would be a bonus. Autocompletion of lists and completion of brackets are a requirement.
  5. A customizable preview would be nice. Failing that, a connection to a product like Marked 2 is required.
  6. I don't care for the Markdown syntax to disappear. I like how Typora renders Markdown, but it is not essential. I am comfortable with the way Bear shows all the Markdown syntax and don't need it to be hidden. I don't find Markdown syntax distracting. It is minimal in its footprint and I am used to it.
  7. Typewriter scrolling is an essential. I don't want to keep looking at the bottom of the screen when writing.
  8. I want a dark theme. In the evening, I want to be able to turn that on. My eyes hurt from looking at the screen the whole day. I would prefer support of Solarized - Ethan Schoonover but am willing to settle for a simple dark mode.
  9. I want keyboard commands. Keyboard commands should cover both Markdown entry and application specific features. I hate buttons and picking out commands from menus. If I am going to live in a Markdown based text editor it should give me the ability to perform most functions without a trip to the mouse. I desire keyboard commands so that I can keep my fingers on the keyboard and keep writing. I like standardized keyboard commands. Like ⌃⌘F for full screen, ⌃⌘↑ and ⌃⌘↓ to move lines up and down. I don't like it when developers change those standardized keyboard commands. Makes me unlearn something and learn something new and I am not excited by that.
  10. The application needs to support various export formats. The usual ones need to be supported: Markdown, PDF, docx, and html. Text Bundle support would be a bonus.

iA Writer Is Updated to Version 5.0

The folks at iA have been working on iA Writer for a while. They have defined what a minimalistic text editor looks like. Their customized version of Nitti and the blue cursor marching across the screen have become iconic. Along the way iA Writer has acquired syntax highlighting, a second font in DuoSpace, full support of MultiMarkdown, and tabs implemented the macOS way. In recent times, a successful kickstarter campaign to fund a Windows version, and its delivery has been one of the highlights of their progress.

Today they launched iA Writer 5 for the macOS.

In version 5, they tackle something that has been missing in the program. File management.

Most of the minimalistic Markdown based text editors tackle a file at a time. Some of them support the macOS tabs feature which means that you can tackle a few files as long as they are all open. They don't deal with the file hierarchy. They are applications which by design are removed from the file-system. That is not the way my writing life works. I have individual folders representing different facets of my writing. A notes folder for my notes, a journal folder for my daily journal and a blog folder for my blogging, for instance. Some of these folders have sub-folders and my documents are organized within those sub-folders.

I need to be able to interact with all my document folders in my writing software. I need to access documents in each of these folders, search amongst them to locate the file I need, sometimes move files between the folders, and generally do all my file-management chores within the context of my Markdown based text editor. I have been doing this in Sublime Text 3 till iA Writer 5 came along.

iA Writer had introduced the notion of a Library in version 4. But the process of adding files to particular folders in the Library was clunky. The feature was welcome but it was not particularly useful. In version 5, they have revisited the feature and turned it into a powerhouse.

iA Writer LibraryiA Writer Library

They have introduced a Library and within that an Organizer.

The Library

The left most pane is the Library pane. It has two sections:

  1. Locations
  2. Favorites

Locations contain the folders managed by iA Writer 5. There is the iCloud folder which is shared with the iOS version. In addition, Locations can include any folders on your hard drive which you want iA Writer 5 to manage for you.

iA Writer Preference>LibraryiA Writer Preference>Library

You can add folders to Locations by adding them to the Library pane of preferences, or you can just drag and drop folders from the Finder to the Locations section in the Library. Folders added to iA Writer 5 can have sub-folders within them. When you highlight a folder in the Library, the folders and files contained in it show up in the pane to the right of the Library pane. This is the Organizer pane.

iA Writer FavoritesiA Writer Favorites

Favorites are files and folders which you need regular or quick access to. You can designate a file or a folder as a favorite by control clicking on an item in the Organizer and selecting Add to Favorites from the drop-down menu. You can also drag and drop a file/folder from the Organizer to the Favorites section.

You can re-order the files and folders in the Library by simple drag and drop. Put them in any order you prefer. The order of the Favorites section is important. You get to access the files by keyboard commands (⌃+the number of the file/folder in the Favorites section). So the first file can be accessed by ⌃1, the second file by ⌃2 and so on.

This is a crucial feature, well implemented, which makes iA Writer a full-featured application for my Markdown based writing needs.

Assorted Additions

iA Writer Dark IconiA Writer Dark Icon

Dark icon: For those of you who prefer the dark over the light icon. You can get the dark icon for iA Writer by clicking on this toggle. I love it. Totally unnecessary but cool.

iA Writer FontsiA Writer Fonts

Two font choices: You can write in the customized Nitti by choosing Monospace or the customized IBM Plex, called iA Writer Duospace. iA Writer has had this for a while, and it is a good addition. I love both of these fonts to write in and they have a unique look which is synonymous with iA Writer.

iA Writer ToDoiA Writer ToDo

Tasks and Task Stats: iA Writer now supports the MultiMarkdown task feature and gives you the ability to toggle tasks done with a simple click. There is a running tally of (tasks done)/(total tasks). You can maintain separate todo lists or can have todo's in any document you are working on. It is a great way to remind yourself of unfinished tasks related to the document you are working on.

Is iA Writer 5 the Best Markdown Based Text Editor?

Based on my criteria at the start of this article I must say that iA Writer makes a compelling case in its favor.

  1. iA Writer supports all of MultiMarkdown.
  2. You live in the world of individual text files in iA Writer. You get to specify a default extension for your Markdown files.
  3. Version 5 of iA Writer brings file management to the toolset. Complete toolset of file management tools enhanced by the ability to drag and drop folders and files into iA Writer and between the folders managed by it.
  4. iA Writer is fantastic at presenting little touches which make the act of writing Markdown pleasant.
  5. User definable previews are built into iA Writer. You can also use Marked 2 to provide the previews.
  6. The Markdown syntax is not hidden and it is presented with syntax highlighting in both the light and dark theme.
  7. Typewriter scrolling with sentence and paragraph focus makes the process of writing pleasant. The only enhancement I would love in iA Writer is an user-selected point for the typewriter scrolling to kick in. Ulysses and Composer does a better job of this.
  8. There is a dark theme and a light theme in iA Writer. They are not customizable. It lacks support for Solarized.
  9. There is extensive support for keyboard commands. The ones missing I have included through Keyboard Maestro macros. Read about it here. Some of the keyboard commands have changed in this version, expect an updated version of this article to be posted next week.
  10. iA Writer provides the usual export options including Microsoft Word and TextBundle.

In my use, this is the best Markdown based text editor available on the macOS. Both Composer and Highland 2 provide a few more features but they fall short when it comes to managing your documents and folders.

I find myself using iA Writer all the time. It is the writing workhorse on my computer. Once in a while, I will switch to writing in Composer or Highland when I need a specific feature that they provide. It is iA Writer which is launched and active all the time and it is where the majority of my writing gets done.

iA Writer is recommended heartily.

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Writing Markdown macOS iA Writer
May 25, 2018

Links of Note 2018-05-24

Regain Disk Space from Homebrew
This saved 17 GB for me.

VidWipe - Delete 'em all - BrettTerpstra.com
KillZapper - Click to Kill web annoyances - BrettTerpstra.com

The mad scientist, Brett Terpstra, helps you kill some web annoyances.

Dimpapers - Dimspirations for your Desktop - BrettTerpstra.com

This made me laugh.

Configuring Scrivener (Make Scrivener grey — and get that icon back) | ORGANIZING CREATIVITY

Scrivener is one of those programs which lets you customize it to look just the way you want.

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Homebrew Scrivener Terpstra
May 24, 2018

Random Music 2018-05-24

Bettye LaVette - Things Have ChangedBettye LaVette - Things Have Changed

Apple Music: Bettye LaVette - Things have Changed
Spotify: Bettye LaVette - Things have Changed
iTunes Music Store: Bettye LaVette - Things have Changed

Everyone seems to have covered Bob Dylan. This is an album of Dylan covers I am listening to on repeat.

Outstanding versions of Things Have Changed, Seeing the Real You at Last, What Was It You Wanted, and… The whole album is just fantastic. Listen to it.

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