October 29, 2015

Move email addresses around in the Mail app

(Originally posted on 2014-06-17)

You can just tap an address to highlight it, and then drag it to the CC field, or the BCC field. This trick lets you switch around email addresses to any of the recipient fields.

For your information:
To: This is the primary recipient of your message
CC: This is the person/persons who you are “carbon copying” on your message
BCC: This is the person/persons who are blind copied on your message.

Note: When you are sending email to a whole host of people, it is common courtesy to address the email to yourself, and blind copy your recipients. So put your own email address in the To: field and put the addresses of all the recipients in the BCC: field. That way the recipients email addresses are protected from prying eyes, you have provided them with privacy while you have the benefit of sending only one piece of email to all of them.

macosxguru at the gmail thingie.

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