May 23, 2021


Menuwhere Lets You Ignore the Mouse

Product: Menuwhere · Many Tricks
Price: $3.00

Once in a while, you run into an app which does one thing and does it well. Menuwhere is an example of such an app. Menuwhere gives you a dropdown menu with the frontmost app’s menus at the current mouse location. Like this,

In ActionIn Action

The Menuwhere web site does a job of being amusing and giving you an extensive rundown on what the product does. I am not going to repeat it here. Go read it. It doesn’t do much, so it is going to be a quick read.

I like Menuwhere because it lets me keep my hands on the keyboard and not have to mouse my way to the menubar. It has become an essential part of the workflow. Specially for apps where I do not know all the keyboard commands or for those menu items which do not have a keyboard command assigned to them.


Menuwhere is recommended heartily.

macosxguru at the gmail thingie.

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