January 20, 2016

Now for Something Completely Analog

Product: Blomus Muro - Notepaper Roll Holder
Price: $25.40

Blomus MuroBlomus Muro

I love lists. Love making them. Love curating them. Love reading about them.

The Blomus Muro - Notepaper roll holder was an impulse purchase.

It is just a roll of paper which you write on and tear off. But boy, is it well designed. Made of steel, it looks and feels like something that will last for ever. It is simple. It is heavy, and it is functional.

It ships with the kind of screws that lets you attach this to a wall. I am using it on my desk. It uses the 2.25 inch paper used in calculator rolls, they are available cheap everywhere. I love this thing.

The Blomus Muro is designed and engineered in Germany and made in China.

I bought this for myself.

macosxguru at the gmail thingie


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