January 31, 2017

Able2Extract Professional 11 Slings PDF Files Around Like a Boss

Product: Able2Extract Professional 11
Price: $149.99


Able2Extract Professional 11 is a unique product. It works with PDF files. It creates them. It converts them. It edits them and lets you control your PDF workflow with ease.

Admittedly a niche product, it is an useful tool if you are dealing with an influx of PDF files which you need to work with.


For instance, if you have a PDF file which was generated by AutoCAD and you need to convert it into an AutoCad file, Able2Extract Professional 11 is the solution to your problem. It does less esoteric conversions too. You can convert to Excel, Word, Powerpoint, HTML, CSV, and the aforementioned AutoCAD.

It does conversions well. Or at least, as well as can be expected. The product is not perfect, some of the conversions seem like voodoo and the results are perfect. Some of them need work, but I think the activity of converting the PDF file to any other format is bound to be a little bit of a hair-tearing out experience. And the product doesn't disappoint. It does some conversions beautifully and some of them were not ideal. You can help that process along and it requires some tinkering but I must admit that the act of taking a PDF of a spreadsheet and turning it into a CSV file is enough voodoo for me. I was impressed with the results of that exercise.

Scanned Image PDF Conversion

Sometimes you run into documents which have been scanned into the PDF format. By definition, these are more difficult to convert to anything usable. It is a good record to have but the documents themselves are not malleable. Able2Extract Professional 11 through its OCR engine is able to convert these kind of documents into workable formats which is voodoo of the highest order. Again, the process is easy, but the results vary and some of the results will leave you elated and some of them will be a tad frustrating.

Edit PDF Files Like a Boss

Able2Extract Professional 11 gives you powerful edit tools to work on a PDF file. You get to modify the contents and also split or merge PDF documents. You can edit the text and make general changes to PDF files.


The application gives you a comprehensive collection of annotation tools, including sticky notes, links, highlights and watermarks.

Create PDF Files With Ease

The application lets you create PDF documents from any application. It has security features and file customizations which give you complete control over the rendered output.

The Interface

a2ep Interfacea2ep Interface

Able2Extract Professional 11 is not pretty. I am not sure it is trying to be. It is a product which is directed towards the business professional who needs to be able to work with PDF files. The interface is functional. It leads you through the tasks that you want to perform and it does it well.


Able2Extract Professional 11 is a professional tool directed towards a particular audience. If you need to handle PDF file creation, editing and conversions, it is a great tool to have in your toolset. It is efficient software geared towards fulfilling your need to conquer PDF files.

Able2Extract Professional 11 is highly recommended.

Update: A time limited license was provided by the developer looking for a review.

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